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Meet Erin Maura - designer, adventurer, and seeker of beauty.


These collections are the realization of a long-time dream: to create beautiful and unique jewelry, art, home goods, and spaces for others to enjoy. To owner Erin Maura, her work is more than just physical objects - it is art, the expression of herself, her clients, and the stories told by the materials that compose her pieces and spaces.


Erin's love of natural materials - and particularly stone - is one she comes by honestly, as it flows down through the generations in her family. From a young age she recalls the pleasure found in rummaging through extensive rock collections with her Mom and Grandpa, exploring the beautiful colors and textures of the various stones and fossils, and imagining the histories of the earth and its peoples that each stone had witnessed.


After working casually with glass beads for many years, Erin came to the realization that her love of stones could be translated into a creative venture as well - and thus began her jewelry making in earnest. In the mid-2000s, Erin attended an Interior Design program at the Art Institute of California - Orange County, where her studies greatly influenced the maturity of her jewelry and artwork in both composition and style. The work presented here, both past and present, is the culmination of these many years of work and study, and Erin hopes you will enjoy her art as much as she loves creating it!

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